Research Themes

Current research themes involve exploring the following questions:

What is developmental plasticity and how does it work?

Work to understand the basic molecular and cellular mechanisms that are involved when an individual’s developmental trajectory is modified by environmental cues. 

How does plasticity affect an animal?

Work to observe and characterise the effects of plastic responses on physiology and function in the animal systems of sheep, rats and mice.

Can we use plasticity to improve human health?

Clinical trials to test new interventions to modify or mitigate the impacts of plastic responses.

What is the impact of early-life events on the human population?

Observational studies to correlate nutritional and other factors with health outcomes in large groups of people. 

How can we best transfer our knowledge?

Work to develop innovative new methods of transferring new knowledge to our audiences.

New techniques

Work to develop distinctive techniques or research capabilities for use across the Centre and beyond.