Our People

One of the greatest strengths of Gravida is its investigators’ breadth of expertise. Our researchers are committed to a cohesive programme of activities encompassing excellence in research, collaboration and translation of knowledge aimed at human capability development. Our unique collaborations include clinicians and animal scientists; developmental geneticists and nutritional ecologists; epidemiologists and economists; chemists and physiologists; and mathematicians and molecular biologists. Our members are involved in a wide range of activities disseminating knowledge to our key audiences.

Our people share a common aim – the generation of knowledge around the drivers and consequences of a healthy start to life. The Centre covers both human and agricultural animal growth and development. This is proving to be a highly effective synergy.


Gravida has several levels in its management structure – the Gravida Board's role is to ensure the direction and performance of Gravida in the context of the Centre’s Annual Plan, which is developed in consultation with the Tertiary Education Commission. The Executive Team manages the operational and strategic aspects of Gravida, encompassing science leadership and administrative functions. The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is constituted by the Board to provide independent advice on the relevance and impact of the Centre's research. The SAB works closely with the Gravida Board and Executive Team to ensure that the research activities of the Centre remain focused on its core scientific objectives. Gravida has a small administrative team based at the University of Auckland.


Membership of Gravida is gained through an application process, with members selected in an annual membership review process, chosen because of the high calibre of their science and shared research interests. Members are divided into Principal and Associate Investigators, some of these members leading major or short-term research projects funded via Gravida.

In addition to these members, a smaller group of non-members, post-doctoral fellows, students (PhD and MSc students) and project staff (technicians and other non-investigators) are also associated with the Gravida research group.

Gravida's director, Phil Baker, addresses the 2012 annual science symposium at Massey University in Palmerston North.

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