Gravida workforce survey Dec 2014 now open

November 2014

Gravida's first follow-up survey to its national Health Workforce Survey held in August 2014 is now open.

All maternity and child healthcare professionals in are invited to participate in the survey, which will only take 5-10 minutes to complete. All respondents go into the draw to win a $100 Shopping Voucher for a retailer of your choice, which will be awarded to one randomly chosen entry.

This survey will be held several times over the next two years and aims to give a clear picture of overall national interest and engagement in nutrition and physical activity professional development training, preferences for education formats, and impressions of how it contributes to workforce practice.

Respondents do not need to have completed our last survey to participate this time, nor undertaken specific training in this area. Gravida is keen to hear from as many maternal and child healthcare professionals as possible.

To enter, simply follow this link here. This survey opened on 24 November and is open only until 24 December 2014. The $100 shopping voucher winner will be notified by email*.

Alternatively, you can download this pdf invitation to enter here (100kb) or forward it to your colleagues, encouraging them to enter too.

All results will be anonymised and only published in aggregate, at a statistical level.

More information:

The data collected from these surveys will help Gravida tailor its Healthy Start Workforce Project courses to be as useful as possible and evaluate their effectiveness, as well as inform national research papers. The Healthy Start Workforce Project is funded by the Ministry of Health and offers two professional development programmes that aim to strengthen awareness of the influence of nutrition and physical activity in pregnancy and the early years on life-long health, particularly on the risk of non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

Growing understanding of the evidence behind a healthy start to life means there is increasing momentum towards including healthy lifestyle advice for pregnancy and families in all healthcare professionals’ roles.

To view more information including a Participant Information Sheet and our ethics approval click here.

If you experience problems accessing the survey, please contact Gravida.

* Email addresses will be collected in confidence only for the purposes of this draw and will not be passed onto third parties. Addresses will not be linked to survey responses in our database.

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